Specialized disability insurance services acts as an unbiased, independent broker. Our primary focus is helping doctors and other specialized occupations, obtain and maintain the best disability insurance coverage at the best possible price.

We have implemented strategies for with thousands of physicians and have advised over ten thousand physicians on policy design and options.

Since our primary focus is disability Insurance, we are able to work alongside your current financial advisors and integrate into your financial plan.

Based on our quality business and reputation we have excellent relationships with Insurance carriers leading to faster turnaround time, and more discount opportunities.


Blaine Lipkin

Blaine Lipkin has been helping physicians achieve financial freedom since 2011. His core specialty is helping physicians protect their income with disability Insurance policies. He is a frequent adept speaker with GME programs as well as various medical associations.

As Blaine acquired experience working for various Insurance carriers, he decided the best way to serve his physician clients would be as an independent broker specializing in disability Insurance coverage.

As an independent broker, Blaine understands that each client has a set of circumstances both personal & professional. Therefore, he analyzes all options and assists his clients to implement the best strategy possible.

Blaine also partners with other advisors to help structure and underwrite disability policies for their clients. His personal vexation is agents that just want to sell one company, even when it’s not in the best interest of the client, and when advisors try to be an expert in all areas of insurance or finances.

Blaine currently lives in Manhattan, frequently travels, enjoys skiing & golf, and trying many new outdoor activities without fear (why not has excellent disability coverage).

Our philosophy / The Problem

The problems physicians historically faced when obtaining coverage is that they would meet with a local Insurance broker. That broker, while licensed, would rarely be an expert on Disability coverage, and would often push one insurance company. The agent would not follow up to service the client, but just to sell more products that could sometimes be unnecessary. Our philosophy is to put the client first. Understand their situation, educate them on their options, and use our knowledge and skill set to help guide them to the best coverage design.