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What Do Women Need to Know About Disability Insurance?


When it comes to individual disability insurance, insurance carriers treat them differently. Many women physicians feel this is unfair and are frustrated by the fact that their rates can be significantly higher.





of total long-term disability claims are due to pregnancy.



of today’s 20-year-olds can expect to be out of work for at least a year because of a disabling condition.



of disabilities are due to illness, while 10% of disabilities are due to injury.



The Best Disability Insurance Carrier for Women

Save up to 40% on disability insurance for women when you get a quote from us! Principal offers gender-neutral discounts on coverage.


The bottom line, since insurance companies have data showing females are more likely to have a claim and the claims statistically last longer, therefore, premiums are higher. Depending on age, female physicians generally pay 25-35% more than their male colleagues. Certain insurance carriers and discount programs can be very attractive and beneficial for women.


The Difference Between Male and Female Rates

Monthly premium for a $5,000 monthly benefit at:
Gender Age 30 Age 35 Age 40 Age 45
Male $136.68 $156.06 $206.02 $253.31
Female $217.00 $235.51 $290.72 $337.75
*Rates shown are for Principals HH750 product in NY.  The rates are for a 5A-M occ class with own occupation, residual rider, 90 day elimination period and age 65 benefit period included.  Discounts not included.


The SAME Coverage as Above WITH Gender-Neutral, Discounted Rates


Monthly premium for a $5,000 monthly benefit at:
Gender Age 30 Age 35 Age 40 Age 45
Gender Neutral $118.93 $134.40 $175.04 $212.77
*Rates shown are for Principals HH750 product in NY.  The rates are for a 5A-M occ class with own occupation, residual rider, 90 day elimination period and age 65 benefit period included.

DON'T DELAY: Lock in your discount. Unisex rates going away Jan 1, 2021!

A Gender-Neutral discount is when an insurance company blends rates for males and females to provide one rate. Discount programs that contain gender-neutral rates, sometimes also known as unisex rates, can result in savings up to 40% for women. 

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Just signed my disability insurance after working with Blaine. In addition to all the wonderful things said in these reviews, most important in my interaction with Blaine was that I could trust him to help me find the best policy. Start to finish, a solid experience.
Joseph Choonghyun Yu
Joseph Choonghyun Yu
13:33 12 Sep 20
Both my wife and I are dentists and have been using Blaine since we graduated several years ago for all of our disability insurance. He has provided excellent service from beginning to end. Blaine is friendly, easy accessible, and happy to answer any and all questions we have. Highly recommend.
Dustin Kreitzberg
Dustin Kreitzberg
00:16 01 Aug 20
Blaine is an excellent broker for disability insurance. He helped me choose a plan that works for me. He is very professional and responsive. Despite busy work schedule, he was very flexible and kept me on track.
Michael Ma
Michael Ma
19:13 06 Jun 20
Blaine is one of the best disability brokers you can find. Great guy and you’ll find his process very helpful.
Jordan Albala
Jordan Albala
22:36 28 May 20
Blaine was very helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive! He was very quick to answer our questions. He made applying for disability insurance a very easy process for my husband and me!
Angelica Nocerino
Angelica Nocerino
23:03 27 May 20
Blaine is fantastic to work with. He is knowledgeable, patient, and really knows the intricacies of the insurance policies. I am a physician, and he was able to get me and my wife excellent life and own-occupation disability insurance. I would highly recommend working with Blaine for all your insurance needs!
Christopher Papadopoulos
Christopher Papadopoulos
18:08 26 May 20
Excellent experience from start to finish. Blaine was a real pleasure to deal with. Professional and expedient. Gets the job done. Look no where else.
Anthony Del Signore
Anthony Del Signore
19:12 24 May 20
Great to talk to a specialist on disability insurance for women. Fantastic customer service and very knowledgeable!
Chevelle Garnett
Chevelle Garnett
15:01 21 May 20

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